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Rapid Cooling and CDA Electrode Temperature Control

Rapid Cooling and CDA Electrode Temperature Control

A new and innovative upgrade is now available for the PlasmaPro 100 RIE and PlasmaPro 100 ICP systems with a wide-temperature range electrode.

This upgrade offers an important range of valuable benefits, including enhanced productivity solutions and reduced ownership costs. Several options are available for this upgrade, depending on your specific functionality and performance requirements. Please contact us for more information about the options and pricing.

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    CDA Cooling +260 to +30 Graph

    The graph is showing CDA Cooling from +260°C to +30°C.

    Electrode Temperature Control Benefits

    • Increased system availability and productivity
    • Reduced cost of ownership
    • Reduced mean time to clean
    • The new option of CDA Rapid Cooling is more cost-effective and avoids the inconvenience and risks of LN2 solutions
    • Reduced cleaning overheads
    • Certainty in cooling time, removing variability of ambient/atmospheric cooling
    • Improved process accuracy and repeatability, meaning enhanced production solutions
    • Maintain electrode temperature within process runs, providing optimal processes and production

    Features & Specifications

    The Rapid Cooling and CDA Electrode Temperature Control upgrade offers:

    • Rapid cooling of the electrode from +260°C to ambient temperature using liquid nitrogen (LN2) and the new option of using clean dry air (CDA)
    • Tighter processing temperature control in the range 100°C - 250°C compared to control by heating alone
    • Active control of the electrode temperature within +/- 3°C using heating and CDA cooling (actual tolerance during process was +/- 1°C)
    • Combined liquid nitrogen, CDA and liquid cooling options
    • Heat exchanger to control the temperature of exhaust gas
    Graph showing temperature maintained at 150°C to +/-1°C for approximately 60 mins.

    The graph is showing table temperature maintained at 150°C to +/-1°C for approximately 60 mins.

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