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Enabling the SiC revolution: Plasma processing for better performance


We have developed an innovative set of plasma process solutions designed to enable maximum Silicon Carbide (SiC) device performance.

In this webinar you will learn our top five tips on how plasma etch and deposition play an essential role in making great devices:

  • How surface preparation using plasma etching is used to help grow high quality device layers
  • Mask deposition and etching using PECVD for high density masks
  • Using high etch rate etching of mesas and trenches using high density plasma etching for high throughput and low COO
  • Understanding how etch profile plays an essential role
  • Deposition of barrier layers to improve interfaces and increase device efficiency

Everything you wanted to know about plasma process solutions for SiC but were afraid to ask!

Plasma process solutions for SiC power devices

In this white paper, we consider the role of plasma processing and its importance in defining device performance and optimal strategies for the application. We also examine the structure of primary SiC devices such as SBDs and MOSFETs.


Dr Mark Dineen has over 20 Years of plasma processing experience. His more recent work includes applying this knowledge to a wide range of devices from semiconductor lasers to GaN based RF devices.

Dr Dineen is now an Experienced Technical Marketing Manager with a demonstrated history of communicating complex technical ideas and scientific concepts to a varied audience. These technologies include ALD, ALE, CVD, ICP, PECVD and RIE plasma processing and cover how these can deliver device solutions to our customers.