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Wafer Scale Device Fabrication & Electrical Characterisation for Graphene & 2D Materials

1 August 2019 at 3PM (UK)

About the Webinar

This webinar provides an overview of wafer-scale device fabrication and characterization technologies that would drive the development of graphene and 2D materials based technology to the next stage of technology readiness.

Three aspects of graphene/2D device development work will be covered:

  • Materials fabrication
  • Lithography
  • Non-destructive electrical characterisation

Hosted by Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology in partnership with Raith Gmbh and das-Nano Onyx.



Wafer Scale Device Fabrication Technology for Graphene & 2D Materials
Dr Ravi Sundaram, Oxford Instruments

Vapour deposition techniques have become the workhorse for all device fabrication based on graphene and other 2D materials. For successful scaling up of prototypical applications demonstrated to date, technologies and processes for large area deposition of these materials need to be developed.

In this talk I will first give an overview of lab to fab technologies and processes developed at Oxford Instruments towards growth of Graphene, other layered materials and heterostructures by CVD and ALD followed by our developments in technology for device fabrication processes such as dielectric deposition by ALD and device pattern etching by RIE and ALE.


Wafer Scale Nanofabrication of Graphene-based Devices by EBL
Dr Frank Nouvertne, Raith Gmbh

Electron beam lithography (EBL) systems have proven to be flexible nanofabrication tools enabling a broad range of nanotechnology applications. They are regarded as a “must have” in today’s nano R&D-based laboratories of various disciplines. These EBL techniques routinely provide nanopatterning resolution with sub 10nm feature sizes.

The fundamentals of electron beam lithography and related subsequent essential process technology steps for nanodevice fabrication will be described. Emphasis will be given on a number of various applications, showing both fundamental graphene research & advanced (waferscale) graphene nanodevice applications.


THz Based Non-Contact Mobility, Conductivity Measurements on Wafer Scale
Dr Israel Arnedo, das-Nano S.L.

In this talk, I will explain how the combination of the particular features of THz waves introduces a new way of seeing what was not visible before. This technology has been implemented in ONYX, the first system in the market designed to provide a full-area non-destructive characterization of graphene, thin-films, and other 2D materials covering the gap between the macro and the nanoscale tools.

Its principle of operation, main features and possible applications will be detailed. Big industry players and research institutions are already using our terahertz-based devices, such as Onyx, implementing it in their manufacturing processes and quality control.


Meet the Presenters

Dr. Ravi Sundaram

Dr Ravi Sundaram
Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology

Ravi has been involved in materials research in several institutions such as EPFL, Switzerland, Max Planck Institute Stuttgart, Germany, IBM T.J Watson Research Labs, NY and Cambridge University where he worked on several aspects of 1D and 2D materials-based research from synthesis, fundamental science to prototype applications in sensors, optoelectronics and electronics. 

He joined Oxford Instruments to lead and coordinate R&D efforts towards 2D materials products. Currently, he is responsible for scoping out and developing a strategy for emerging technology markets such as 2Dmaterials, biomedical devices, integrated photonics, Quantum Technologies among others.

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Dr Frank Nouvertne - Raith Gmbh

Dr Frank Nouvertné
Raith Gmbh

Frank Nouvertné received his PhD in Physics in 1998 at Technical University in Aachen and subsequently worked as a postdoc for a year. Since then, he is working for Raith, first in international Sales, later as Product Manager and currently as a Senior Product Market Manager Electron Beam Lithography (EBL).

Managing the entire EBL System portfolio for academic markets, he has collected considerable experience with all kinds of applications in fundamental and applied nanoresearch and complemented his knowhow by leading several (national and European) research projects in conjunction with universities and other research institutions.

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Dr Israel Arnedo - das-Nano

Dr Israel Arnedo
das-Nano S.L

Israel Arnedo is currently the Terahertz Technology Director at das-Nano S.L company and Associate Professor with the Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering Department, Public University of Navarre.  Since 2018, he is Vice-dean of the UPNA School of Engineering. His research interests of the microwave, millimeter-wave, and terahertz fields include periodic structure devices, coupled-mode theory, inverse-scattering synthesis, material characterization and their applications in ultra-wideband (UWB) systems, space and satellite technology, biomedical engineering research and industrial products.

He has published more than 75 papers in these fields and holds 2 international patents successfully licensed.

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